Thursday, July 4, 2013

3 pieces of Canine Etiquette by the"Russian Dog Wizard"

3 pieces of Canine Etiquette by the"Russian Dog Wizard"

Families consider dogs to be another member of the family. Finding ways to integrate them into activities such as hikes, picnics, and pet friendly outdoor cafes.  Here are 3 pieces of etiquette to fully enjoy doggy company:
1. No pee or Poop... 
Teach your dog release himself on command by vocalizing the words "Go pee,go Poop".  At first this seems complicated but in reality it's easy.  Keep taking them outside, and keep saying those words, the moment they start going then praise them by saying "good boy/good girl" and a sweet and reassuring tone.  Now, before you hit your favorite spot make sure every member of the family has gone to the bathroom.
2. Don't bite... 
Assuming that your dog will just be friendly in any circumstance, like the hustle and bustle of a cafe might not be a good bet.  Two types of socialization need to be mastered; those are, person and pooch varieties.  Grab some American cheese or Russian kielbasa salami, meet different people like neighbors, and ask multiple people to feed your dog.  In not too long of a time, they will love people!  Next, have them socialized with other dogs and guiding them to the butts of dogs that cross their paths.  At first that sounds odd but sniffing bums to dogs lick like looking up friends on Facebook, and shortly they will lick, play, and be friendly with dogs.  Now at the cafe your dog will be happy with both people and pooches.     
3.Place command...
Truly one of the best commands a dog owner can teach, the place command is most useful in public settings. Choose a dog bed or blanket they sleep on and begin.  Put the bed in a certain spot of your home, look at your dog, vocalize the word "place", then guide them to the place and have them go down (use treats if needed).  Eventually they will learn that "place" means go down and stay in the place my owners points.  Now, at the cafe, you can get up and say a place command, then go get your order and return to the table without having to worry anymore.
These 3 pieces of Canine Etiquette will open new ways to love your dog even more

Vladae Roytapel is known throughout the industry as the “Russian Dog Wizard”

International dog training expert Vladae Roytapel is known throughout the industry as the “Russian Dog Wizard” for his exceptional results, even with problems previously considered untreatable. Through specialized training, a unique and innovative training philosophy, and an early exposure to animals and Pavlovian behavioral conditioning, Vladae Roytapel sets himself apart from other dog trainers.

With his MBA with a focus on business and economics from Kostroma State Technological University, Vladae Roytapel received extensive education in dog training through Avante University, a prestigious school in the Republic of Moldova, which belonged to the former Soviet Union before acquiring independence. With his certification as a Dog Trainer and Behaviorist from Avante University in hand, Vladae Roytapel embarked on what would rapidly become an illustrious international career in dog training.

At present, Vladae Roytapel operates a sought-after canine training practice called SoCal Dog Training, headquartered in Newport Beach, California. When others fail, dog owners from all over Southern California turn to Vladae Roytapel, also known as Vladae911, for help with their animals. The foundation of Vladae’s unparalleled success is grounded in the two primary principles of his training philosophy. First, the owner must construct a clear power hierarchy with the human on top. Second, owners must use an appropriate language to communicate with their dogs.

Possessing excellent facility with languages, Vladae Roytapel has developed a special language for communicating with dogs, based on observations of the way dogs communicate with each other. As Vladae believes, “if you treat your dog like a human, in return they will treat you as a dog.” This exciting new development in human-dog communication involves mimicking the postures and sounds of dogs in order to simulate a dog-to-dog relationship between dog and owner. Coined “Doglish” by Vladae, this special language has helped countless dog owners communicate with their pets effectively and efficiently, enabling them to eliminate numerous persistent behavioral problems.

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